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Thursday Dec, 31 La Ventana forecast.

7AM Update. Patchy 1-2 knots wind on the beach with steady period 1 foot surf on the beach. Winds 4 miles out are patchy 15 knots.

As you can see in the satellite imagery below there is a large mass of clouds associated with the Sub Tropical jet stream inbound over southern Baja from the pacific. Yesterday, as I mentioned in the forecast, there was a large hole in those clouds that came over use in the afternoon sucking in the El Norte winds while also making some helpful local thermal winds. Today there is no sign of such in hole inbound.

The El Nino pattern which typically begins impacting California and Baja in Jan. and Feb. continues to slowly ramp up.

Spread the word... the La Ventana human forecasts are back!
My internet here just south of the El Sargent hot springs is very slow but I can still do onsite reports from my house 100 feet above the beach with a 20 mile view to the north for windowcasts. I will also rough out forecasts but my connection is too slow to review all the higher resolution models so don't expect much.

To receive Ventana View mail: ventana.view2@gmail.com

Phone calls Calls in Mexico
From within Mexico: 01 + city code + local number
From the U.S. or Canada: 011 + 52 + city code + local number
From other countries: international access code + 52 + city code + local number
Calls to a cellphone from outside Mexico: omit the "044" which often prefixes a cellphone number and replace it with a "1", e.g. 011-52-1-(xxx)-xxx-xxxx.
Land line calls to mexican cell phones dial 044-(xxx)-xxx-xxxx

El Sargento bus to La Paz leaves here at 7 am & 4 pm.
It arrives here from La Paz at 3 pm & 8 pm
Driver - 114-0266

The Shuttle From La Paz to Cabo Airport www.shuttletolapaz.com
Costo $325.00 pesos
Leaves La Paz for Los Cabos airport - 7 am & 9 am - arrives 10 am & 12 NOON
Leaves Los Cabos airport for La Paz - 2:30 pm & 5 pm

Harold's taxi service 612-157-6520
Contact me - nicerev@yahoo.com Giles

Moises Hirales Calderon is offering taxi service with a new fully equipped van.
Please contact Moises at (612) 114-0030 or his Cell # is (612) 149-1053. English spoken here. We look forward to serving you!

El Sargento Bus - From Rita:
The bus fare is 40 pesos each way.
Monday to Saturday inclusive, the bus leaves La Ventana for La Paz twice a day: at 7:00 a.m. and at 4:15 p.m. Just flag down the bus as you would a taxi. (These are the departure times from in front of Pablo's store, across from the campground.
The bus takes the main road into La Paz. The driver stops for passengers who flag him down along his route so just add or subtract from the 7:00 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. departure times depending on where you are on the bus route.)
Monday through Saturday, the bus returns from La Paz to La Ventana, leaving La Paz, at 2:00 p.m. However, on Sunday, the bus leaves La Paz an hour earlier, at 1:00 p.m.
For those who wish to return from La Paz later in the day, there is a bus leaving La Paz for La Ventana in the early evening (Though I don't believe there is a 4:15 p.m. or evening bus on Sunday.). It is best to always confirm the return time with the bus driver. Simply ask, in Spanish: A que hora regressa a La Ventana?
If you ask, the driver will let you off at La Soriana shopping center. However, most passengers take the bus to the end of the bus route at the intersection of G. Prieto and Bravo streets. This is 5 blocks up from the Malecon. (If you walk down Bravo street to the Malecon from the bus stop, you'll come out on the Malecon at Applebees Restaurant which is across the street from the Mexican Artisan shop and the tourist Information Centre. You're close to downtown.)

One of the unique features of this bus service is that when the bus arrives at its final destination in La Paz - stopping at G. Prieto and Bravo street - the bus stays parked there until the driver makes the return trip later in the day. As a consequence, if you arrive 20 - 30 minutes early for the return trip, there is a good chance the driver will let you board so you have a comfortable place to wait until the bus departs.
Although the bus driver lets people off at various destinations on the trip into La Paz, the return trip appears to be a non-stop run from the bus departure location at G. Prieto and Bravo streets.

The bus used to go to La Paz via Los Planes. However, on both occasions earlier this week when I took the bus into La Paz - on Monday and on Thursday - the bus went directly to La Paz. (Perhaps our little town of La Ventana now rates its own bus service.)
The bus driver is exceptionally pleasant and a very professional driver. As a bonus, he seems to remember where all of his passengers live (or boarded) and stops his bus close to his passengers' "front door".
Rita (#1, Calle sin Nombre, La Ventana)

Emergency and Useful Phone Numbers
Emergency 066
Red Cross 065
Police 060
Directory assistance 040
Tourist protection and information 01 800 903 9200 or 01 800 987 8224, from the U.S. and Canada 1 800 482 9232 or 1 800 401 3880

From Ventana View: What we all need to know about the Ambulance service in El Sargento/La Ventana

The ambulance is run ENTIRELY BY VOLUNTEERS. The current El Sargento team consists of 11 local people and was newly formed last October after the previous volunteers got burnt out. Team members are gradually being trained in basic first aid by instructors from La Paz (e.g. this week ‘s topic was the rudiments of CPR ) and are doing the best they can in very challenging circumstances. They are unpaid, have no budget, very little equipment (not even splints, or oxygen), and have to fundraise for essentials such as plastic gloves, bandages and even the diesel fuel they need to run the vehicles. They have to pay for their own uniforms, and for their training. They use their personal phones for their emergency calls and sometimes have to chip in for the fuel.

The ambulances were donated by the government 14 years ago but there is no budget for maintenance. The larger one is out of service at the moment until funds can be raised to repair it. El Sargento’s team covers the whole area from Rancho Ancon (halfway to La Paz) down as far as Los Muertos, since Los Planes has no ambulance service at the moment due to lack of trained volunteers. Because of zone boundaries, our local ambulances cannot take patients directly to a hospital in La Paz. They have to wait at the city limits (sometimes for 45 mins or more) for a La Paz ambulance to meet them and take over the patient. If it is not a life-threatening emergency or an obviously broken bone, they have to go first to the clinic and get a note from the doctor authorizing transportation to a hospital.

If you need transportation to emergency medical assistance: under current conditions, your best option is probably to rely on the paramedical knowledge of people close by, and get someone with a reliable vehicle in which you can lie flat to transport you straight to either the private “purple” hospital in Fidepaz (if you have insurance) or to the new public hospital near Soriana (if you don’t have insurance). Take someone with you who speaks Spanish, if possible.

If you choose to use the ambulance: please assist them afterwards with a donation. This is what Mexican families do, but foreigners have generally not done so, probably because they assumed it was a free service. If you have used the local ambulance in the past: could you please consider making a contribution now?

Donations: can be made to the Volunteer Organiser, Lupita Cosio Barrera, who can be reached on 612 103 4377, or lulubel1976@hotmail.com, or at the Star Market. The finances are managed transparently by a volunteer committee.

The motto of the organisation of ambulance volunteers with which El Sargento’s group is affiliated is “Giving from the heart”. Let us do the same. To avoid the new team burning out, they need all the support they can get.

Further information can be obtained from Heidi Hart on 612 153 4375 or harthe77@gmail.com, or Chris Bradley on 612 136 1609, or chris.bradley3@gmail.com

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