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time to stop wars, be energy independent and sell energy

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2022 11:09 pm    Post subject: time to stop wars, be energy independent and sell energy Reply with quote

Needless to say Carter told us it was a matter of natioanl security when the ME blackmailed us on oil back during his days. And they are doing it again to the world and assisting Putin.

If we would have listened to carter vs having Bush the so called oil guy who never hit oil in his oil company when he was getting millions in Middle East oil investments when his daddy was VP (sound familiar?, yet with never making money for others than himself the right wing even made him president as a reward).

Then oilman invades Iraq on lies, just this endeavor cost us now 3-6 trillion in debt, and another banker great giveaway costing us more trillions in debt and when he left 400,000 jobs a month having to give oil leases to oil companies for basically nothing and again bailing out the banking. We have trillion to pay for debt in Iraq and Banks. Unfunded Bush years.

Right now we see what oil companies and countries hate is dems for their wanting to be energy exporting with clean energy, dems a clear and present dander to oil companies and countries and they have been putting the dark money where their mouths are. We know under Trump just one Middle East oil producing country was funding Trumps people with a gift with nothing expected in return other than stopping any dem with 1.5 billion dollars, we know this because the top Trump ME advisor and party planner received 1.5 billion dollars with no strings attached. We know this because he was caught lying about it and is now that trump and Barr are not there being charged. And we also know that Jan 6 trumps son in law flew to another oil producing nation to secure a gift of 2 billion and at the same time another trump advisor received 1.5 billion more. Note when Hillary ran against trump her entire campaign cost less than 1.5 trillion and she had more votes. We know that another oil dictator country used everything he could to assist Trump.

Now we have trumps oil country dictator starting wars and threatening the usa if we assist with helping to use nuclear weapons. again Carter warned us. The us oil companies own the RNC makin record profits from their nearly free royalty leases bus gave them, last year236 billion profit escalating the fuel costs because the right wing has prevented energy independence from oil including attacking Carter to stop it.

We as a matter of national security we are about to move forward in an attempt to be energy independent and help the other non dictator nations.

Here is a project that can do this safely. We need to fund several of these not one.

US DoD greenlights mobile nuclear microreactor pilot in Idaho

The US Department of Defense has announced that its Strategic Capabilities Office will go ahead with its plan to build and demonstrate a small nuclear reactor capable of being moved, and delivering between 1-5 megawatts of power for a minimum of three years.

This "Project Pele" microreactor, to be assembled and initially operated at the Idaho National Laboratory, will be the first American-built "Generation IV" nuclear reactor to generate electricity.

There are multiple goals here: the US military uses a prodigious amount of energy wherever it goes, so mobile reactors like this will certainly have strategic value in the field. But energy security is also a fundamental national security issue, and the DoD has a number of programs designed to accelerate commercial technology developments that it deems important for the future of the country.

Advanced nuclear certainly appears to fit the bill. “Advanced nuclear power has the potential to be a strategic game-changer for the United States, both for the DoD and for the commercial sector," said Project Pele program manager Dr. Jeff Waksman, in a press release. "For it to be adopted, it must first be successfully demonstrated under real world operating conditions.”

As for whose design will be built, that decision has not yet been made. Out of three applicants chosen in 2020 to go into a two-year design phase, the project team has determined that two have put forward a design they're confident will meet the requirements: BWXT Advanced Technologies in Virginia and X-Energy in Maryland.

Both these companies are developing high-temperature, gas-cooled microreactors using high-assay, low enriched uranium TRISO particle fuel, which is significantly more robust, temperature-resistant and generally roadworthy than conventional nuclear fuel rods. Both are designed to be easily moved by road, rail or aircraft. The winning company will be announced later this spring (Northern Hemisphere).

one of Carters speeches warning us

when good people stay silent the right wing are the only ones heard.
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Joined: 27 Apr 2022
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2022 11:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello everyone, now there are a lot of sociable batteries in general. Therefore, they need to be added more and more about this, I wrote an essay on the best site. In general, I saw the word (war) between Russia and Ukraine in the topic. Therefore, it is necessary to make a separate topic.
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Joined: 12 Dec 1999
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2022 3:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Trump did a pretty good job at all three of those. Biden has failed on all accounts.

Hey, gamershaker ... if you're gonna pitch your essay spam in an all English forum, you may want to learn to speak and write the language first.
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Joined: 02 Jul 2011
Posts: 13578
Location: on earth

PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2022 7:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ulstein reveals thorium-powered ship concept to support ecocruising

Norway-based marine group Ulstein has introduced Thor, its concept design for a 149-m (489-ft) replenishment, research and rescue (3R) ship powered by a thorium Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) that can be used to recharge battery-driven cruise ships at sea.

As environmental consciousness grows, ecotourism has become a booming business, but with the desire to visit exotic environments comes the need to protect these often under-threat locations. This is particularly urgent for cruise ships going into the polar regions, which are notoriously fragile.

Polar cruises not only have to deal with the intrinsic needs to protect the Arctic and Antarctic coastal regions, but also meet increasingly stringent government regulations and pressure from environmental groups. On top of this, icy seas make refueling ships away from port difficult, expensive, and potentially damaging to the surrounding area.

Thor (left) is designed to recharge the batteries of cruise ships like Sif (right)
Thor (left) is designed to recharge the batteries of cruise ships like Sif (right)Ulstein
To overcome this, Ulstein is looking to the multi-purpose Thor, which would not only be able to operate in polar seas to carry out research and rescue missions independent of refueling, but could also recharge the next generation of electrically propelled cruise ships that run off large battery banks.

Since Thor is designed to recharge these future cruise ships, Ulstein is also working on the Sif concept, which is a 100-m (330 ft), 80-passenger, 80-crew battery-powered Ice Class 1C vessel that could be recharged at sea by the nuclear-powered Thor.

Thor would use a portable Generation IV MSR thorium reactor, which is fueled by thorium rather than uranium. In an MSR, the thorium is dissolved into a mixture of salts heated to up to 700 °C (1,292 °F). This mixture acts as both a coolant and the container for the thorium. Because it is a molten salt reactor, it is under atmospheric pressure and uses passive cooling systems that can operate in an emergency shutdown. This molten mix also means that the reactor can be refueled and cleansed through a chemical loop.

Thor is designed as a multipurpose ship
Thor is designed as a multipurpose shipUlstein
According to Ulstein, it would crank out enough power for four expedition cruise ships at the same time and its nuclear reactor wouldn't need refueling for the life of the vessel. Both Thor and Sif are based on Ulstein's X-BOW ship design and their electric propulsion allows for silent cruising. Along with the reactor, Thor's design has helipads, firefighting gear, rescue booms, workboats, laboratories, and a lecture lounge.

"MSRs have enormous potential for enabling clean shipping," said Jan Emblemsvåg, Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, an expert in the field of Thorium and nuclear power generation. "There is so much uncertainty over future fuels, but here we have an abundant energy source that, with the right approach, can be safe, much more efficient, cheaper, with a smaller environmental footprint than any existing alternative. From my perspective, I see this as the most viable, and potentially the only credible, solution for a zero-emission fleet that can operate under commercial terms and cost levels. The ‘Thor’ concept is exactly the kind of innovation we need for sustainable success at sea."

The video below introduces Thor.

when good people stay silent the right wing are the only ones heard.
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