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iWindsurf Forum and Classifieds Guidelines

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:12 pm    Post subject: iWindsurf Forum and Classifieds Guidelines Reply with quote

1. iWindsurf Forum Guidelines
2. iWindsurf Classifieds Guidelines


Community forums, not Support forums!
The iWindsurf Forums are community discussion forums NOT iWindsurf customer support forums. Please email any questions or concerns to:

The goal of the iWindsurf Forums is to provide a space for windsurfers to discuss windsurfing and other issues of the day. Treat each other with basic respect, and keep the tone positive!


WINDSURFING DISCUSSION is for the community to discuss windsurfing, windsurfing gear, tricks, and learning topics. Please do not post industry product announcements & promos, lost & found, or political/off-topic/opinion stuff here. Specific regional discussion (ie: your local scene: launch sites, sessions, events, access issues) occurs in the Regional Forums.

REGIONAL DISCUSSION. As always, these forums are for discussion of your local windsurf spots, sessions, events, and access topics. Please do not post industry product announcements & promos, lost & found, or political/off-topic/opinion stuff here.

The INDUSTRY NEWS & PROMOTIONS Brands, reps, team riders, windsurf centers, shops, schools, magazines, blogs -- post your news and product announcements here! *Check often, there will be good stuff here.

POLITICS, OFF-TOPIC, OPINIONS Politics, soapbox, off-topic (socio-economic-philosophical, tech, hoops, skiing, skydiving, etc). NOTE: Sometimes an on-topic gear-related thread or regional discussion can evolve into what is primarily an off-topic political or opinion thread: in those cases, those discussions may continue in the Politics/Off-Topic/Opinions sub-forum.

LOST & FOUND Post your lost and/or found stuff here.

Why are some Forum posts deleted?
The most common reason for a post being deleted is that it included an attack on a particular individual. If you make an attack on another person anywhere in your post your entire post may be deleted. You are welcome to resubmit your post, minus the attack.

Forum Decorum:
You are welcome to disagree with others courteously without attacking them personally. If you do not like the content of someoneís posts, the solution is to simply NOT read or respond to their post - so their post will more quickly drop to the bottom of the pile. We must realize that sometimes we become part of the problem if we constantly engage someone whom we consider to be a problem user. Remember that young people and others thinking about taking up windsurfing do read these forums to learn about the sport - and the character of its participants. Phrase your posts accordingly. Individuals who show a pattern of initiating strongly uncivil forum behavior that leads to deletion of their posts may be banned from using the iWindsurf Forums after 5 such deletions. Any individual who shows a pattern of making incendiary comments which incite others to attack him/her or other forum users may also be banned from these forums.

Who are the iWindsurf Forum Moderators?
Each sub-forum is moderated by windsurfers who are acting as unpaid and unsupervised volunteers. Our moderators do their best to make judgment calls regarding posts when they have spare time. This means that the level of scrutiny of forum posts will be uneven at times, and sometimes an objectionable post may be missed or become buried in the mass of forum posts. If you cannot accept this level of supervision, or these Forum Guidelines in general, then you should not use these forums.

Posts may be deleted, moved, or locked if they contain the following:
1. *Personal* attacks on another personís character, ideas, race, sexual orientation, age, gender, ethnicity, political beliefs, or abilities.
2. Threats, or encouragement of illegal activities. (Such users will be banned.)
3. Assuming another personís identity.
4. Spam or links to spam.
5. Commercial posts placed on a sub-forum other than the Industry News & Promotions sub-forum.
6. Used windsurf gear, services, photos for sale, or links to such. (At the moderatorsí discretion, posts primarily consisting of valuable free information for customers may contain a very limited mention of a product or service.)
7. Copyrighted material.
8. Sexually explicit and overly violent material.
9. Posts not in the English language. (Generally these posts are spam and/or difficult for us to moderate).
10. Posts that are clearly made just to bump a thread up to the top of the pile may be deleted.
11. Posts that focus on "trashing" a particular product, store, or service.
12. Posts that "hijack' a thread by introducing something particularly off-topic. Instead, start a new post.
13. Sharing of personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, IM conversations, email, etc. involving other members without their consent is strictly prohibited.
14. Other clearly inappropriate behavior.
15. Issues or complaints regarding iWindsurf service. This is because the forums are NOT monitored by iWindsurf support staff and therefore the issue will not be addressed on the forums. To expedite a response send an email to:
16. Avatars, photographs, and graphics attached to posts will be held to the above standards.
17. Posts debating these rules may be deleted. These rules are similar to the rules employed by most successful public forums. If you cannot abide by these rules, simply do not use this forum.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding these rules, please contact us at:

iWindsurf reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.

On behalf of the volunteer moderators and the team at iWindsurf, Thank You for making the iW Forums a great place to hang out. Pray for Wind.

And thank you for using our Forums,
The iWindsurf Team


USE PAYPAL! We recommend using Paypal to make purchases, rather than sending checks through the mail or other means. We have found that when there are problems between sellers and buyers, Paypal usually does a good job with dispute resolution. If you make a purchase and do not receive your gear from the seller, an important step is to file a complaint with Paypal within 45 days. In the case of a problem seller who fails to ship the item(s) to the buyer, Paypal has procedures which can in several cases lead to a refund of the amount paid. Important - We do not recommend using the Paypal lower-security "money transfers to friends or family" option, because that can severely limit your ability to file a complaint and/or get a refund through Paypal.

The Paypal Security page is here:

Terms & Conditions:
The iWindsurf classifieds are 100% free to use. Users are welcome to list gear for sale, or purchase gear from other members of the community. In return for posting your FREE classified ad, you agree that it is in compliance with our guidelines. We do not wish to censor or police the ads being posted here, but in order to prevent abuses by a few people and to keep this forum comfortable and appropriate for our general audience, which includes people of all ages, races, religions, and nationalities, we reserve the right to remove any ads in violation of our guidelines.

By posting a Classified ad on iWindsurf you agree to the following terms:

1. I agree that I will be solely responsible for the content of all classified ads that I post and that I will indemnify iWindsurf / WeatherFlow and hold it harmless for any losses or damages to myself or to others that may result directly or indirectly from any classified ads.

2. NO COMMERCIAL LISTINGS! If you are a commercial business and wish to sell products please support us with a paid advertising campaign. This includes posting "in-line" or "new" current season gear at discounted retail rates. Please support the industry manufacturers and not disrupt the retail marketplace. Contact us for advertising options at All commercial ads posted to the classifieds will be deleted.

3. No foul or otherwise inappropriate language will be tolerated. No racist, hateful, or otherwise offensive comments will be tolerated. Posting lude or inappropriate content is subject to having your listing(s) removed immediately and without warning.

4. No ad promoting activities that would be illegal under the laws of the state or province, or the country of domicile of WeatherFlow shall be allowed. Similarly no ad promoting activities that would be illegal under the laws of the state or province, or the country of domicile of the person posting the ad shall be allowed.

5. Ads that appear to be merely a test posting, a joke, or otherwise insincere or non-serious is subject to removal. iKitesurf reserves the ultimate discretion as to which ads, if any, are in violation of these guidelines.

6. No fraudulent listings, or overpayment scams at any time. Listings that are found with these attributes will be reported directly to the FTC. No solicitation of users for purposes other than buying or selling gear.

7. DO NOT LIST MULTIPLE SIZE ITEMS ON ONE LISTING. Not only does this make it difficult for shoppers to find the specific gear they are looking for, it is incredibly hard for us to sort the data. Please, ONLY ONE SIZE ITEM PER LISTING. (Example: a quiver of 4.5, 5, and 5.5 North sails should be listed as individual listings.)

If you have questions or suggestions regarding these rules, please contact us at:

iWindsurf reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.

Thank you for using our Classifieds,
The iWindsurf Team

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