Swell City
Onsite Reports (beta!)
8:45 am, Temira:
The sensor is reading 25 but it looks windier on the water - lots of spray blowing off the waves. Moderately sized swell and somewhat up and down wind. Four people out on ... 3.7? Just a few clouds in the hole and a massive gradient suggest that this is just the beginning today. See you on the river!
8:30 am, windfind:
Bluff report: Hatchery/Swell - by Mike Godsey @8:32 AM: The sensor is reading 26g31 and I am seeing patchy strong wind on the water with large white caps way past Viento. About 8 boards out mostly planing full time. Big blasts and deep lulls on the bluff evidence the gusty nature of the wind today as strong winds aloft randomly stir the surface winds. Last report of the day.
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