Swell City
Onsite Reports (beta!)
8:30 am, Temira:
You don't need a computer to tell you that it's That Kind of Day. Clouds in the hole, silkworm on Burdoin, sun in the desert.. half a dozen people are out on 3.5 to 4.2 sails. Medium sized disorganized chop, rainbows in the gusts. Set aside your responsibilities and give your heart to the mighty Columbia today. All hail the wind gods!
6:30 am, windfind:
Bluff report: Hatchery/Swell - by Mike Godsey @ 6:37AM: The sensor is reading 23g28 which reflects the small "lull" passing through at the moment. Large white caps from way west of Viento to way east of the White Salmon Bridge. The sternwheeler is hugging the shallows of the Oregon side to avoid the big swell. The far corridor is clogged with marine layer clouds and there is a thick streamer sliding past Mt. Defiance. Strong winds on the bluff. Looks like another epic day! Last report of the day.
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